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equ streamz shine a light series helping us spread the word about our advanced magnetic therapy for horses

Shine-A-Light on your horse, win a prize for you and your horse

We now offer a prize for ever successful shine-a-light story submitted to...
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Introducing Barrel Racing star Jana Bean to the StreamZ Family. What does Jana think of our magnetic technology

Introducing Barrel Racing star Jana Bean to the StreamZ Family | What does Jana think of our magnetic technology

New Sponsor joining the StreamZ Family. Jana Bean joins the StreamZ family...
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Dr Anna-Maria Wolf was sent a pair of EQU StreamZ advanced magnetic bands to be used on her clients horses with a view to her providing her professional opinion on the product.

A professional view of EQU StreamZ Magnetic Horse Bands | by Dr Anna-Maria Wolf

Dr Anna-Maria Wolf was sent a pair of EQU StreamZ advanced...
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Inflammation in horses blog post by equ stream magnetic horse bands showing 10 horse studying impact of stream technology on their swollen legs

Inflammation in horses | Treatments and Results of Advanced Magnetism Study on 10 Horses Suffering from an Inflammatory Response

Within the equine community having to deal with a variety...
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Carolyn Mellor | Using EQU StreamZ on two Grand Prix dressage horses

Carolyn Mellor | Using EQU StreamZ on two Grand Prix dressage horses

Carolyn Mellor, owner of Vision Sports Horses, is an International...
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Feedback on Evas traumatic injury and recovering using EQU StreamZ magnetic horse bands.

Meet Eva | Recovering from an injury using EQU StreamZ magnetic bands

Feedback from highly respected Australian equestrian Candida Baker on EQU...
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EQU Streamz Hovis the horse wearing EQU Streamz magnetic bands over his feathers endorsement

Hovis the Horse | Fashion model for EQU StreamZ Advanced Magnetic Horse Bands

Meet the big lad Hovis. Several years after we first sent Hovis...
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DOG Streamz support Many Tears animal rescue with their magnetic dog collars and donations

Supporting Many Tears Animal Rescue | DOG StreamZ Donations

About Many Tears Animal Rescue The objectives of Many Tears...
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Best Magnetic Therapy Boots For Horses | Types Of Magnets Used And Their Benefits

The magnetic therapy market is an ever-growing aspect of holistic horse care and can be used to support a wide variety of condition with horses. Horse owners are well aware of the anecdotal benefits of these products and widely adopt them to complement their horse in a whole variety of ways from arthritis, inflammatory conditions and of their ongoing wellbeing. If you haven’t tried magnetic therapy on your horse then why not give EQU StreamZ horse bands a go, we’re pretty sure you’ll be delighted with the results.

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