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StreamZ Global are the inventors and UK manufacturers of a unique portfolio of Advanced Magnetic Products for humans and animals.

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Our highly experienced and friendly team are based in the UK from our head offices in Brighton & Hove, a 'stones throw' from Brighton Pier.


The origins of StreamZ lay in its inventor, Eric Dodd, seeking a way to reduce his wife’s chronic migraine headaches. Eric was without doubt a remarkable man, with a long history of inventing an astounding range of technologies and a world renowned specialist in ‘the principles of molecular frequencies’ – how individual molecules react to magnetic fields. If you can picture 'Doc Brown' from the 'Back to the Future' trilogy you wouldn’t be far wrong, a stereotypical ‘inventor’ and ‘a genius’ to those who knew him! 

His energies at that time were primarily focused on research and development into water treatment systems for the National Health Service, as chief engineer. He realised that the general principles of mineral streaming technology he was exploring for the water system could equally be applied to provide pain relief in humans, and hence help his wife. And thus began the process of development that has since resulted in the StreamZ range of products. 

Eric and his close friend Peter decided to form a company to introduce several of Erics inventions to the world. Peter and his family immediately grasped the full potential of the technology, not only in a business sense, but also in its capacity to improve lives. Investment from the family, tons of market research and years of product development began.

Peter adopted the water technology invented by Eric and passed StreamZ Resonance Technology onto his son, Matt, who had seen the effects first hand after being given a prototype version by Eric to help his injured knee. 

In 2013 the first trademarked StreamZ product was launched – an ankle band for humans, developed to support others as it had for Erics wife. The brand YOU StreamZ ankle bands was formed. (not quite like it is now but still using the same magnetic principles) 

It was immediately clear that the technology would also benefit animals and with the family dog at the time being 14 and suffering from arthritis, Lilly was given a piece of StreamZ which was wrapped around her neck. The improvement in her was remarkable! Eric had always suggested the product be used on various animals so further development began within the equestrian and, at the time, bovine communities. Within 18 months the first products for animals were officially released: EQU StreamZ fetlock bands for horses and DOG StreamZ magnetic band collars for dogs.

In 2013 Eric sadly passed away after a long fight with cancer. His wishes to Peter and the family were “to make a difference” which naturally became StreamZ mission strategy and remains that to this day. “Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come. Our time has come!”

About StreamZ Global Page. Advanced Magnetic Technology for horses and dogs and humans inventor Eric Dodd and StreamZ Global Limited Founder Peter Staplehurst


The StreamZ product range has ‘spread its wings’ across the world and we are proud to be endorsed by many leading athletes across multiple disciplines including Olympians and World Champions, national teams, charities and leading professionals in their fields.

Our continued growth is supported by our own in-house team of highly skilled individuals.

The teams focus on 'sharing results' continues, supported by future investment in product development and further studies and trials. Double-blind clinical studies have taken place within leading animal universities on dogs and horses and more studies are planned across animals and humans.

Following the global pandemic our business made a few changes to how it operated and its general approach to the market. Previously focussed on attending shows and events around the world, our business became more e-commerce based. 

A new website was developed and built, by the amazing team at Design Superheroes, which introduced a major forward-step in the companies maturity, a blog! 


The company continues to develop new ranges and recently adapted the original StreamZ technology using the latest compounds and manufacturing techniques on the market – the evolution of magnets. StreamZ magnetic technology is now entirely manufactured using flexible compounds, making StreamZ Global the worlds first stretchy magnet!

This revolutionary approach to magnetism allowed our development team to introduce StreamZ Advanced Magnetism to the canine community – with the DOG StreamZ silicone dog collar. With three-quarters of dogs reportedly suffering from canine arthritis in their lives the canine community has searched for many years for a natural approach to joint care. 

Further commitment into research and development continues with exciting new additions planned within the healthcare, animal care and sports industries ahead. 

Alongside our commercial products we continue ongoing trials with leading commercial growers using StreamZ Advanced Magnetism on plants! As with all living animals, plants also appear to benefit from resonance rebalancing.... StreamZ magnetic strips are being used and studied on vines, cassava, tea, and a variety of other crops around the world. Early studies indicate interesting results with lignin and cellulose levels (the 'building blocks' of all plants). An exciting and long journey ahead, but a truly exciting one too!


Due to the vast size of the global markets covered by the existing portfolio, StreamZ aim is to establish ourselves - through results and reputation - as one of the worlds leading magnetic product manufacturers.

What drives our team is the passionate belief in the capacity of StreamZ products to make a difference to people and their animals and do so in an achievable, low cost and readily accessible way. 

StreamZ, Make a difference.

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