equ streamz shine a light series helping us spread the word about our advanced magnetic therapy for horses
equ streamz shine a light series helping us spread the word about our advanced magnetic therapy for horses

Shine-A-Light on your horse, win a prize for you and your horse

Our Shine-A-Light series for horses is back!

Share your story with us and win a prize for you and your horse!

We love to share stories on how our horse bands have helped other customers.

We also believe that every horse deserves at least one-moment-of-fame, and by sharing their story to our thousands of followers we promise to do just that.

Best of all - we now offer a prize for ever successful shine-a-light story submitted to us which goes onto be published! Win a set of our latest replacement sleeves for your horse and a wristband for you, a prize kit worth $90 AUD.

Shine a light example of betty the horse with inflammation in her legs using equ streamz magnetic therapy horse bands

We will be adding each shine-a-light to our subscriber newsletter and across our social media channels. Our aim is to share your story to other potential customers who might be contemplating our technology. 

What do you need to do to enter

1) Tell us about your horse

Simply provide our team with a bit of a background on your horse, why they used our bands in the first place and what our technology has done for them.

Their name ........................................

Their age ........................................

A bit about their character ........................................

2) Tell us about our product and whether it’s done its job

Why your horse wears our bands: Did they have a condition or injury you were hoping to support?

What our bands did for them: Did the technology work? How long did it take to show?

3) Your opinion 

What do you think of our technology: Your opinion on our bands and whether you would recommend them to others.

5 being great, 1 being terrible - how would you rate our bands out of 5?

4) Provide us with a good quality image, or two

We need an image(s) which we can use alongside their story.

What type of images work best?

Images you provide us must be high resolution or of good quality. We will use the image online, in a newsletter and on social media so the image must be owned by you, not contain copyright and contain no watermarks.

The best performing images from a marketing perspective are images which show your horses face.

Examples of shine-a-light stories of your horse and how equ streamz magnetic therapy has worked for them

We are introducing your horse to our audience - not our bands - so you do not need to share images of your horse wearing our bands. Clearly, if you have an eye for photography and can grab an image showing your horse in our bands as we managed to above then please do - but we don’t expect it. 

We shown some examples above of what content will be created and used across multiple social media channels.

Interested in joining our Shine-A-Light Series?

Simply email our team at help@streamz-global.com with the information we require and one of our team will get back to you. 

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