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YOU STREAMZ ANKLE BANDS | Tips & Tricks to help with your new magnetic ankle band

YOU STREAMZ ANKLE BANDS | Tips & Tricks to help with your new magnetic ankle band

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YOU STREAMZ ANKLE BANDS | Tips & Tricks to help with your new magnetic ankle band

YOU STREAMZ ANKLE BANDS | Tips & Tricks to help with your new magnetic ankle band

Welcome to the StreamZ family!

We have a few tips and tricks for your recent purchase of a YOU StreamZ ankle band; our original design and the very first product in our portfolio.

Please remember that the ankle band is developed as complementary option and should not replace prescribed medications. If you are looking for continuous support from StreamZ technology you may want to look into our brand new magnetic wristbands; suitable for 24x7 use even when the sun is shining or your riding boots are on!

Please take a couple of minutes to read through this in preparation of your product arriving.

  • Fitting instructions
  • Use Instructions
  • Ongoing Care instructions
  • Sensitivity issues

Fitting Instructions

The YOU Streamz ankle band contains a sleeve, manufactured using neoprene webbing.

The neoprene design wraps around either of your ankles and is recommended to be worn for a minimum of 8hrs per day - most preferably when you are asleep! 

Wrap the ankle band around one ankle and attach it using the hook-and-loop fastening material, leaving enough of a gap to push your little finger between the band and your ankle and so it is comfortable.

Make sure the hook-and-loop fastening tongue is fitted correctly and that no hooks of the material are in contact with the skin.


Use Instructions

The YOU StreamZ neoprene ankle band is designed to be worn for a minimum of 8 hours a day although results have been reported as significantly greater when used 24x7.

The optimum time to wear the band is when sleeping or directly after exercise and when in recovery or rehabilitation mode.

TIP: to retain longevity of use the ankle band sleeve should be washed and cleaned on a weekly basis, as with any aesthetic product worn against the skin. Velcro hooks and loops should be cleaned by hand and not with a strong brush as this can damage the material.


Ongoing Care Instructions

The YOU StreamZ ankle band sleeve should be washed by hand in cold soapy water. Hot water can damage the hooks of the material so if being washed in a machine ensure it is on a cold setting only.

The StreamZ material strips can be removed from the sleeve prior to washing, carefully sliding from the unstitched end of the sleeve next to the tongue. Make sure the StreamZ magnetic strip is kept safe and returned to the sleeve the correct way around after washing. The 4 lines/ridges must face away from the skin, smooth side facing the skin.

The ankle band is fine to be used in water and will work effectively when wet but does retain water so may require drying.

TIP: We have heard from many customers about “soggy sock syndrome” and we take great pride in this as it emphasises how so many people forget their ankle band is on their ankle. “Soggy Sock Syndrome” is the effect created when a user gets into the shower only to remember their ankle band is still on! We’d advise the band is removed for showering unless you like soggy socks? :)

Sensitive skin

Some people can have allergic reactions when their skin is in contact with neoprene and may find the neoprene too sensitive to place directly against the skin. Early signs that the wearer may be feeling sensitive to the material is an itchy sensation and showing a pink/red mark on the skin.

StreamZ bands can be placed above other materials and be as effective, such as a sock. If you notice any discomfort or discolouration on the skin within the first 24hrs then remove the band. If problems persist then the neoprene bands should be removed completely. The StreamZ strips can be removed from the sleeve completely and wrapped around the leg within a sock or bandage – avoiding the use of the neoprene sleeve.

No refunds are issued if you face an allergic reaction to the neoprene material used within the bands.


Matt Campbell

Matt is a leading expert in the magnetic therapy industry and writes articles for StreamZ Global and various other online alternative health publications.

Streamz global advanced magnetic therapy bands for humans showing several customers wearing the you streamz silicone wristband
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