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EQU Streamz Horsey Christmas Gifts blog best ideas fo buying your horse or pony a gift this christmas season

The Best Gifts To Buy Your Horse Or Pony This Christmas

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The Best Gifts To Buy Your Horse Or Pony This Christmas

The Best Gifts To Buy Your Horse Or Pony This Christmas

For many of us Christmas Day is about spending time with our loved ones and sharing with them carefully pre selected gifts. Whether it be friends or family, there is nothing better than picking and giving someone a gift that they will love – and this extends to your horses too.

If you’re like us, on Christmas Day you’ll include a visit to see your horse, often for some quiet time before the hectic day commences and to squeeze in some horsey festive traditions. With family, extended family and friends in abundance (some of which being non-horsey) it is often an easy task to draft in help that morning. We like to get the mulled wine ready, into a flask and up to the yard. A quick feed, including their favourite little treat, and in our case we turn ours out for the day an d go back early evening to get them back in. As part of our Christmas traditions we like to share a special gift with them and always invest in a little present (or ten!) to show them how much we care!

We take a look at some nice ideas if you are looking for a gift to buy your horse this Christmas:

Christmas Festive Fun Gifts for your horse

There is no more festive time of the year than Christmas, so why not treat your horse to some festive accessories and have them join in with the fun.

There are many Christmas themed products on the market that are designed specifically for horses that are great novelty products. Just think of the social media pictures you could take with a Novelty Father Christmas Rug, which will transform your horse into Santa Claus – you could even join them and get yourself a Novelty Father Christmas Hat Cover.

For a more subtle option, you could consider these red and white leg wraps that can be easily wrapped around your horse's ankles which certainly help get them into the festive spirit.

One of the most fun options to brighten up your horse over the festive season is applying a glitter gel to your horses hooves. Available in a variety of colours this certainly puts a ‘bit of bling’ into your horses look!

A non-clothing option would be to buy your horse their very own Christmas Stocking. There are in fact Horse Christmas Stockings available on the market, but you could go that extra-mile and create a selection of gifts yourself for them. Simply assemble a variety of treats that you know your horse will love, just don’t go mad! We like to promote those healthy options so why not look at a few treats alongside a few pieces of fresh fruits such as a carrot, a box of blueberries, an orange and an apple and there you have it - the perfect Horsey Stocking!

EQU Streamz Christmas xmas gift ideas for horses

Entertainment for your horse

Christmas is all about having fun. That feeling as a child waking up on Christmas morning to new toy can also be passed onto your horse!

This is where the Likit Boredom Breaker comes in. Available in four different shades, including glitter pink and baby blue, this toy will give your horse hours of entertainment, keeping them alert and active. This is the ideal gift for a horse that spends much of the day turned in and needs some entertainment. It is recommended that the boredom breaker is attached to the ceiling of the stable, having been previously prepared with a reward inside it. The horse will then spend its time playing with the device, swinging it around, to try and get the tasty reward from the inside.

Luxury Grooming for your horse

There is nothing better in life than a freshly groomed horse. Not only does it look more presentable, but grooming also ensures that a horse is kept in excellent condition and increases the bond between horse and owner. There are many grooming products for horses on the market, from the sensible to the more glamourous.

A high-quality and soothing shampoo is a lovely Christmas gift to treat your horse to. Try a fully natural approach using EqWax Bugbusting Natural Horse Shampoo which adds that extra bit of luxury for wash time. The shampoo is non-irritating and full of natural goodness which includes concentrated anti-itch properties using essential oils which also helps propel midges and mites. We also like the Botanica Cleansing Wash Shampoo which does not need to be washed off after use, handy on some of our horses who don’t like being washed down in the cold weather.

To help groom the horse after washing it, consider purchasing a Lincoln Magic Brush. While these plastic brushes may not look like much, they are perfectly designed to remove dirt, mud and stains whilst being gentle on the joints and bones. Made using virtually indestructible plastic, the brushes are great for removing dirt, grass, and other contaminants from the horse's hair. As an added bonus, they come in a number of different colour options.

A firm favourite on our yard is a variety of hoof balms which we sue after washing and part of our grooming process. We like to promote a natural option with everything we do, so you could look at the Keratex Coconut Oil Hoof Balm. This blend of coconut oil, beeswax and tea tree oil leaves our horses hooves looking nourished and enriched and is suitable for use all year long.

For the ultimate grooming gift you could invest in a set of Lister Star Mains Clippers which are highly acclaimed as they provide a ventilated head which prevents the blades and head from getting hot.

EQU Streamz horse grooming gift this christmas and new year best gift to get your horse

Tasty Treats for your horse

No matter what type of animal or person you are buying a gift for, you are sure to find success in a food-based gift, and when horses are involved, there are so many edible options to choose from. No matter the type of diet that your horse is on, you can find a food gift to suit their needs. As an early Christmas present, consider a horse advent calendar that has a sweet treat for them every day throughout the festive season. This is a great option if you see your horse every day, as you can give them the treat as you progress through Advent.

Another sweet and flavourful option are Cavalor Fruities, which are a firm favourite with many horses on our yard. While these horse tidbits are both sweet and enjoyable, they also are one hundred percent natural, meaning that there are no nasty chemicals or additives.

For an even guiltier snack, Hilton Herbs Herballs are a great option to give as a treat. The balls themselves are made from all natural ingredients such as garlic, mint, and oregano, and they do not contain any added sugar, molasses, or flavourings that other horse treats contain. If your horse is known to get laminitis, which can damage the horse's hooves, these herballs are also suitable.

Important Essentials for your horse

Essential gifts are a long term option that may benefit the horse and you as their rider. As it is a Christmas present, you may also want to consider buying an essential product that is slightly higher quality than you usually would. For example, take the Equiline Anatomic Safety Leather Headcollar which is crafted from quality Italian leather and will be extremely comfortable for your horse to wear.

Another essential piece of tack that provides added comfort for your horse is a Cushioned Saddlepad. These saddle pads offer some cushioning for underneath the saddle and is designed to keep the horse warm by reflecting its body heat back inwards. This Catago Fir-Tech GP Saddle Pad claims many health benefits to the horse as ceramic particles create an improvement in wellness and recovery, prevention from injuries and aiding recovery from both old and new back injuries. Their marketing claims to relieve muscle tension and reduce aches and pains. 

You could also use this time of year to investigate the plethora of supplements and nutrients available within the equine community and with the help of your vet look to balance the horses diet by changing or updating what supplements they are being given.

Stand Out Gift for 2021

For a standout and 5-star reviewed accessory, look no further than the EQU Streamz Global Magnetic Horse Bands, which over the past few years have quickly become the worlds number one magnetic equine product. These unique bands introduce a revolutionary approach to horse health and wellbeing by creating a unique magnetic action which creates no heat. The bands themselves are made from neoprene, making them easy to fit and comfortable for the horse to wear, which incidentally can be worn 24/7 and through turnout. Simply wrap them around the front or hind legs of the horse to help target muscular or joint pain in a soothing and non-invasive manner. They are hand washable and are commonly used by competition and sports horses due to their impressive results.

EQU Streamz perfect gift idea for your horse present

Thoughtful Crafts for your horse

Home made gifts are often seen to be a more thoughtful option and are more affordable if you are looking for gifts on a budget. There are many crafts that you can make by yourself or with your family members to give to a horse during the holiday season. This can include making them a special holiday wreath for the door to their stable or using some of their favourite foods to create that horsey stocking.

If your horse is a fan of carrots and apples, for example, use some festive string to hang these vegetables as a garland around their stable for a festive feast on Christmas morning, so your horse has a memorable Christmas dinner too! If you have kids, this is a great activity you can do with them together, as you explain that Santa's reindeer can share your horse's carrots to keep them fuelled for their around the world trip. This will get them even more excited in the run up to Christmas Day.

Stable Decorations

Your horse's stable is its home, and making this a nice environment will make it feel welcome and cared for. While making the area look homely may be more for your benefit, adding any kind of decor is a lovely addition to any stable.


As you can see from the list above, there are many options on the market for Christmas gifts for your horse. Whether you are looking for a sweet treat, a Christmas themed present, or a more personal handmade gift, we hope we have sparked your imagination.

If you are wondering where to look then we have some wonderful recommendations of equine retailers who we work with and are happy to recommend. Urbanhorse, Redpost Equestrian, E-Vet or Leonard Coombes Equestrian who all offer a variety of products for you to choose from.


Matt Campbell

Matt is a leading expert in the magnetic therapy industry and writes articles for StreamZ Global and various other online alternative health publications.

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