Supporting Spyro with laminitis using Advanced Magnetic Bands

Treating laminitis using traditional magnets

Laminitis in horses can be a painful and complicated condition to treat. 

Whilst medication and professional help are vital many horse owners look towards holistic and complementary options to support their horses rehabilitation and recovery when diagnosed with laminitis.

Often an issue when looking to support laminitis in horses is the use of traditional magnetic devices. Traditional magnetic boots or rugs contain magnets which create a pulse against the horses skin. This pulsation increases the thermal temperature of the horse, as shown in thermal imaging studies. 

Increasing heat when aiming to support a reduction in inflammation, such as with a horse diagnosed with laminitis, should always be avoided. It is clearly understood that with inflammation creating additional heat to that area should be avoided. 

Unlike with traditional magnets however, advanced magnetism creates no heat and such this allows this new form of magnetic technology to be used on a horse previously diagnosed with laminitis.

Using advanced magnetism if your horse has laminitis 

A key difference in how Advanced Magnetism works over traditional magnetism is how no heat is created against the area they are placed.

This is key when using any form of magnetism on an animal diagnosed with laminitis. 

This is Spyro, he is a homebred 14 year old warmblood.

He came down with laminitis very suddenly and out-of-the-blue on the 3rd June 2021. Since then we have been on a rollercoaster ride trying to help him and at one point it was so bad that we contemplated letting him go as he was in so much pain.

He was on four sachets of medication a day so we were very keen to use EQU StreamZ bands on him and look to reduce this if possible, along with carefully managing his feeding and pasture.

After a few days of wearing the bands we already noticed an improvement in his movement and we have been able to reduce his medications down to one sachet split in half twice a day. He reacted well to the bands and after careful consideration is even allowed out in a bare paddock for the day now.

Within a week he was showing signs of an improvement as perfectly caught on this video. We couldn't be happier that we tried them and once we've recovered from the recent vet bills we'll be getting more pairs for our other horses. 

5 star rating from me and Spyro!


Guest Author:
Helen Elizabeth, mummy to Spyro

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