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EQU Streamz windgalls in 3-day eventing sports horses

Supporting Pretty Blue and her windgalls using Advanced Magnetism

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Supporting Pretty Blue and her windgalls using Advanced Magnetism

Supporting Pretty Blue and her windgalls using Advanced Magnetism

Windgalls in 3-day eventing horses

It is common for 3-day eventing horses to experience Windgalls at some stage in their career. 

'Windgall' is a diagnosis commonly used by vets and owners to describe fluid-based swelling behind the horses fetlock. In the US and Canada they are often referred to as "wind puffs".

While in the vast majority of cases they are considered 'non-painful blemishes' it is important to understand why they have occurred to prevent any future issues. 

The swelling causing the windgall is either an enlargement of the fetlock joint (an articular windgall) or more commonly in eventing horses where the protective digital flexor tendon sheath becomes inflamed (a non-articular windgall). 

Treating these windgalls, particularly with competing sports horses, can be a challenge with many owners adjusting the horses training program and using bandages, cold compresses and other tack to control the swelling. In more severe cases and when the horse is not competing NSAID medications are required.

With new innovations in Advanced Magnetism, this new approach when treating a horse with windgalls provides a non-invasive and natural option which many eventers now swear by, including some of the best riders and teams out there such as the wonderful Gemma Tattersall (International olympic level rider) and Harriet Upton (International rider who rides for HM Queen). 

Providing a complementary option to competing sports horses is of significance as professionals and amateurs who take part in 3-day eventing often look to manage their horse without using medications. Using advanced magnetism is one option many now adopt as they provide a truly natural approach.  

EQU Streamz windgalls blog post mcnally endorsement for 3day eventers using advanced magnetic therapy on their horses

Adopting advanced magnetism

Charlotte McNally is an amateur 16-year old 3-day eventer who competes on her beloved horse Pretty Blue (aka. Mystie) 

Charlotte contacted us with some wonderful news on Mysties windgalls and how EQU StreamZ were now a valued part of her daily routine. 

"Our mare Mystie is a 16.2hh ID x Cob with 11 inches of bone at the back so was surprised the bands would fit! She has always had sizeable wind galls at the back which go down with icing but I wanted something more long term and easier to manage. She is a big girl with a busy schedule and I am very particular in the care of her joints and wellbeing.

We decided to try the EQU StreamZ magnetic horse bands as we recognised that as they created no heat they could potentially support windgalls. I have to admit, I was a little sceptical. Our osteopath is not an advocate of magnetic therapy, our vet is neither here-nor-there, but a friend who massages horses for a living swears by them - so on they went! 

So, what can I say other than wow! Her windgalls have gone right down! So much so, I wish I'd taken a before & after photo. It is an amazing result!

I'm currently (as a type this) watching her school in the arena and she's moving beautifully. I'm so convinced, I'm going to purchase another pair for through the winter so that one pair can be on and one pair can be washed. I'm so glad we tried them!" - Charlotte McNally

Guest author: Charlotte McNally Eventing
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Matt Campbell

Matt is a leading expert in the magnetic therapy industry and writes articles for StreamZ Global and various other online alternative health publications.

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