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DOG Streamz advanced magnetic dog collars endorsed by Sam and agility handler Stacey Irwin

Stacey Irwin | Professional Agility Handler & Coach

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Stacey Irwin | Professional Agility Handler & Coach

Stacey Irwin | Professional Agility Handler & Coach

Stacey Irwin Biography 

Stacey Irwin is one of the leading dog agility handlers in the world and happens to be based a 'stones throw' away from StreamZ head office. She represents both Team England and Team GB.

Winner of Crufts two years earlier, in 2017 she was crowned double-world champion with her dog Sam and after a short break out to have her first child in 2020 her training business and future career within agility takes on an exciting new challenge.

Stacey has a glowing reputation with her training techniques and credibility through her glittering agility career. 

– Team GB World / European Open Squad 2016 & 2017

– IFCS Team GB 2017 & 2018

– WAO Team England 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018

– WAO 2018 Silver medalist

– IFCS Double-World Champion 2017

– IFCS Team Bronze Medalist 2017

– Winner 2015 Olympia Small Agility Stakes Final

– Winner 2015 Crufts British Open

Sam winning medals dog agility crufts world champion dog streamz magnetic collars image stacey irwin endorsement

Stacey Irwin Endorsement

How the DOG StreamZ magnetic collar has helped Sam:
Sam is a Jack Russell cross Cavalier

The biggest difference in Sam since he had his collar has been his energy levels, especially in training, where he’s been giving noticeably more. At a time when before he’d had enough, now he’s shouting/screaming at me as he wants to do more! This obviously then translates into the ring, where he’s been giving me a lot more energy wise and his speed has definitely increased. I’ve also noticed he’s definitely stretching out a lot more than before he had the collar, so his mobility has certainly increased too. We’ve also noticed Sam is a lot more playful, both with the other dogs outside the ring and playing with toys when training; which he never used to before wearing the collar.

Stacey and Sam, serial winners! 

Stacey Irwin with dog streamz winners of world agility championships

How the DOG StreamZ magnetic collar has helped Boo:
Boo is a Jack Russell cross Cavalier – 8 Years Old

We thought last year she was going to be her last year doing agility, but since wearing the collar she has got a new lease of life. Firstly, in training, she’s giving more and giving more and lasting long, plus she’s a bit naughtier! Secondly, around the house she is a different dog, as she was getting to stage where she’d sit around a lot of the day on her hot water bottle, but now she’s up playing and running around like a lunatic with the other dogs, which to be honest she’s never really done before. It didn’t look like there was anything wrong with her beforehand, but she is quite clearly feeling better in herself now.

How the DOG StreamZ magnetic collar has helped Pixie: Crossbreed – 7 Years Old

Pixie had elbow surgery when she was 3 years old, then had 2 years out of competing; came back to competition and won a champ certificate, but we were told she wouldn’t come back to competing. She’s now fully retired though, as she was becoming a bit aggressive because of the pain she was in, both with other dogs and people. Since Pixie has had her StreamZ collar on she’s walking better and is clearly feeling better in herself. We’ve also managed to cut out all her medication, after being told she would have to take steroids and anti-inflammatory painkillers for the rest of her life to prevent surgery. So, it’s a big relief to see her pain-free, happier and playing with the other dogs. Although she’s not doing agility, she’s probably the one I’m most happy with because of what’s she’s been through and the pain she was in; just simply to have a better quality of life! All we changed to her daily regime was the collar.

How the YOU Streamz ankle band has helped me:
I also wear the YOU Streamz ankle band as part of my daily wellbeing, particularly if I have had an active day and training or competing. Following several knee injuries it is vital i keep on top of some of these aches and pains and i find the YOU Streamz really helps reduce those pains. 

Stacey Irwin wearing a YOU StreamZ magnetic pain relief ankle band and the agility world championships

Stacey Irwin



Matt Campbell

Matt is a leading expert in the magnetic therapy industry and writes articles for StreamZ Global and various other online alternative health publications.

Streamz global advanced magnetic therapy bands for humans showing several customers wearing the you streamz silicone wristband
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