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Shine The Light | Meet the horse Sister who was lame from a wound on her leg

Shine The Light | Meet the horse Sister who was lame from a wound on her leg

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Shine The Light | Meet the horse Sister who was lame from a wound on her leg

Shine The Light | Meet the horse Sister who was lame from a wound on her leg

We would like to introduce you to Sister and share some feedback that her Mum, Fern, sent us after using StreamZ technology on her horse who had experienced a serious and potentially life-threatening wound. 

Please note - the images below are not for the faint hearted!  

“We noticed our coming four-year-old mare, who we call Sister, was always laying down when we would look out in the pasture to check the horses. This went on for a few days so we walked out to the pasture to take a closer look and find out what was going on. What we found was a horrible large gash on the back of her hock. We managed to get her up and proceeded to lead her to the barn very slowly as she would not apply any weight on that leg and was extremely lame.

Wound recovery using equ streamz magnetic bands on sisters hock wound aided healing time


She was seen by the vet and we cleaned and doctored her wound daily for two months straight. If she laid down, it was very difficult to get her to stand back up without giving her some help. When we did get her up, she was encouraged to drink. We always kept her confined to a smallish area behind the barn. Two months of doctoring and watching her just stand with very little movement, we were thinking of having to put her to sleep. Our thinking was she would never come up sound and was clearly unhappy and in pain.

After a long chance conversation with StreamZ Canadian Manager Carly we decided to try the EQU StreamZ bands on Sister to see if they would help get the circulation moving and make her more mobile. With nothing to lose, but the horse, we thought let’s give them a go. We borrowed a set from a friend and put the EQU StreamZ bands on each of her back legs. We kept her in behind the barn in case they would come off and waited to see the impact.

Within three days of having the bands on she was up, standing and moving around!! Three weeks later, she was moving so good the bands were removed and she was turned back out to the pasture. We watched her run and other than a little favoring of that leg, she was moving and running completely normal and continues to do so to this day.

Sister was moving so good with equ streamz magnetic bands on she was turned back out to the pasture.

She is coming six years old now and is currently being rode at the feedlot. To this day we do not know what caused this horrible injury. We have found nothing in the fence lines or pastures that we could blame for this so it’s one of ‘life’s little mysteries’.

We are very grateful for our conversation with Carly and after seeing the results of Streamz Technology firsthand are great supporters of your Equine Products. We are also both using your new wristbands and have seen results with them on ourselves too!

With gratitude,

Barrie and Fern Long, Canada.”

Wounds in horses are sadly a common occurrence and every horse owner should be aware of how to deal with their horse if they do suddenly experience a wound to their skin. Whilst the majority of wounds can be small and simply require a quick clean, some wounds can have far more serious complications and require immediate emergency treatment. The most common reported wounds occur on a horses limbs so having an arsenal of knowledge at your disposal in case you are faced with a wound is always advisable.

If the wound looks like an abrasion (rather than an open wound) and you are confident that it doesn’t overlie important muscle or ligament structures - and that no lameness is visible - you can apply a clean dressing and inspect/and clean the wound every 12 hours or so. If the wound is more than an abrasion or you are in any doubt, call your vet!

In every case, managing your horses overall well-being will be an important step for their recovery process. Carefully plan your horses diet and mineral intake and see what tack products, such as EQU StreamZ magnetic bands, might also be available to support their recovery.


Matt Campbell

Matt is a leading expert in the magnetic therapy industry and writes articles for StreamZ Global and various other online alternative health publications.

Streamz global advanced magnetic therapy bands for humans showing several customers wearing the you streamz silicone wristband
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