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StreamZ Technology

Traditional magnets have been around for thousands of years with no clinical evidence proving once-and-for-all that they work. They are marketed to support many symptoms such as arthritis, inflammation, pain relief, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and much more.

Traditional magnetic devices contain static magnets which range in ‘strength’ (gauss level). These create a continuous energy field which generates a pulsating energy field from the face of the magnets. This process when applied to humans or animals increases heat to the subject area which in turn increases blood flow. This can be seen using thermal imaging technology on a limb with a traditional magnetic device attached. In many cases, such as after exercise or when in 'recovery mode', applying heat should be avoided.

StreamZ unique Advanced Magnetic Technology does not contain static magnets. Instead, StreamZ revolutionary approach to magnetism contains a unique silicone compound which contain a secret concoction of ferrite. This material is then subjected to an electromagnetic process which charges the material to specific magnetic frequencies.

This entirely new approach to the 'magno therpay' industry creates a 360º spinning energy field. No heat is produced by StreamZ and as such the advanced magnetic product range can be used 24/7 and for long periods of time. In particular, StreamZ unique magnetism, unlike traditional magnets, can be used directly after exercise and long term.

Magnetism with a difference, Advanced Magnetism.

Unlike traditional magnetism, StreamZ has begun the process of clinical approval via a series of clinical tests and studies.

It can take decades to achieve clinical status (and several hundred thousand pounds!) but as of yet StreamZ Advanced Magnetic therapy products are not using clinically proven technology. As such, no claims are made as to the purpose of use.

StreamZ are incredibly proud to have clinical efficacy support from Writtle University for use on on horses and dogs and further studies continue across the world.

No peer-review studies have been carried out.

The ‘strength’ of a traditional magnetic device indicates how far the magnetic field travels from its surface, and it is this ‘pulsating process’ which is used in traditional products. This is referred too as the "magnetic gauss level".

StreamZ unique Advanced Magnetic Technology is not measured in the same way as traditional magnetic therapy products. Put simply, StreamZ is far more advanced!

StreamZ unique silicone material creates horizontally focussed magnetic fields which run through the revolutionary silicone design, creating 'a spin' – this spinning process creates no pulse and therefore does not use the measurement of its gauss level to create its effects. 

Within StreamZ manufacturing process there are several magnetic frequencies added to the material, which when measured on their own show gauss levels of 56μT, 5600 gauss. It is worth emphasising however that this energy field is applied in a non invasive way (horizontally via North-South-North-South-North energy fields) so this reading is entirely irrelevant when comparing StreamZ with traditional magnetic products. 

We are often asked this by wearers of copper bracelets how StreamZ differs.

Similar to static magnets used in many low-cost magnetic devices copper bracelets are used as an indicator of health issues, copper products do not offer pain relief and this is often misunderstood or in many cases poorly advertised.

Copper has an antibacterial effect because germs and bacteria cannot survive on the material. It is this reason why copper pots were used for thousands of years for human water consumption and were used to indicate whether the water was pure enough to drink. The copper pots didn’t clean the water, they simply acted as a guide of the waters purity. People who claim to have received health benefits, such as arthritis pain relief, from their copper products should investigate this for themselves.

StreamZ technology contains no coppe r and was not developed to be used as a visual aid, it was developed to ‘make a difference’. 


StreamZ offer a complete returns policy for peace of mind with any purchase made on our website.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product in the condition it was received and get a refund or exchange the product for another one, be it similar or not. Please note that delivery charges that may have been applied on the order are not refunded.

Returns are classed as ‘unwanted goods’, ‘damaged goods in transit’ or ‘warranty returns’. All online purchases made on agree to return terms as set in our full returns policy

Unwanted Goods - Items you have purchased and no longer require.
Your right to cancel an order for goods placed on this website starts the moment you place your order and ends 14 days from the day you receive your goods.

StreamZ does not refund delivery costs incurred or cover the cost for the returned shipping charge. This includes any international delivery or duty costs. We would advise that all return consignments are fully tracked as full ownership of the consignment is only handed back to StreamZ Global upon a signature on the inbound consignment. 

Damaged products - Items which arrive with you damaged in transit.

Unless reported as part of a shipping issue within 48 hours of receipt, items which are damaged after use are not covered under warranty unless the damage is due to a product defect.

Warranty Returns
- Items which you have purchased and then used which may become defected. Product defects are under warranty for 12 months.

No representation or warranty is made as to the fitness of goods for the purpose for which they are intended, or for any particular purpose. StreamZ Global are unable to guarantee results and do not offer refunds or returns if customers have not found the results they were hoping for.

EQU StreamZ

The EQU StreamZ horse band s are bands which can be worn on fetlocks (front legs) or the hocks, hind legs (back legs.)

EQU StreamZ Advanced Magnetic Bands should be wrapped around the pastern or cannon bone, just below or above the fetlock (or hock). 

If turned out:
If turned out and/or on soft ground we advise the bands are fitted above the fetlock to avoid them being damaged, there is also slight movement in that area of the horse when mobile.

If turned in, or on box rest:
If your horse is on box rest and/or stabled, we advise the bands are fitted below the fetlock as the anatomy of the horse would indicate slightly better blood flow below the joint. The Palmar Digital Artery runs closer to the surface of the horses skin below the fetlock joint. It was thus recommended to StreamZ by veterinary professionals to carry out our clinical studies with bands placed below the fetlock

Due to varying weather conditions it is not always possible to wear them below the joint and in with our own horses it depends on the weather/ground condition as to whether they are placed above or below.

Remember: no heat is produced by EQU Streamz and there for the bands can be left on 24/7.

Each horse wears two bands, one on any two legs – results have been found to be the same with bands placed on both front or hind legs, or in any combination. We advise that the bands are placed closest to the issue, depending on the living conditions of the horse or if being used for no specific reason or injury then we advise that they are placed on the NEAR FORE and OFF HIND.

Clinical studies carried out have had the bands placed on the near fore and off hind to provide consistency. For clinical purposes the bands were placed below the fetlock; although results across the board when worn above have made little difference. 

Our advise is therefor that horses turned out should have the bands placed ABOVE the fetlock, when turned in or on box rest the bands should be placed BELOW the fetlock.

Easy. Simply remove the StreamZ silicone strips from the open end of the bands (underneath the tongue) and wash in COLD WATER by hand.

Avoid using hot water or placing in a machine on any setting other than a hand wash (cold) setting. Failure to do so may result in the failure of the fastening hooks.

Yes. The use of prescribed medications or treatments for your horse should always be on the advice of your vet. EQU StreamZ bands can be used alongside medication and supplements, as the technology is 100% natural.

On top of this, many therapists recommend the use of Streamz alongside their specific treatments and therapies such as physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture and so on. 

EQU StreamZ bands are suitable for use in all weather conditions. This includes hot weather, snow, rain and everything in between.

As with any tack, it is important that the products are never submerged in mud. If the ground is wet/soft and has the potential to submerge the product the bands should either be placed above the fetlock (and out of the mud) or removed completely. 

EQU Streamz bands can be used in all weather conditions however the material within the outer sleeves will absorb water and as such are not by definition 'waterproof' - although the product will not be damaged by being placed in water. 

The design of the EQU StreamZ bands allows the StreamZ magnetic strip to slide in or out from one end, on the inside of the webbing alongside the hook and loop tongue. This allows the product to be washed in a machine, on a cold setting only.

There are only a few reasons that a magnetic strip could be lost as basic physics prevents the silicone strip from falling out when wrapped around the horses leg:

It is stuck to the inside of the washing machine or in the floor next to the stable door.

The outer sleeve has been damaged by the horse and the strip has fallen out. It would need quite a large hole/rip for the strip to fall out though.

It has fallen out when in the tack room/stable and no one has realised. (it’s probably on the floor still)

Please note that the product does come with a return and warranty process, but this excludes general wear-and-tear which includes the horse damaging the bands. Damaged bands are not included within the warranty process, as with any tack manufacturers. Our support team may be able to help so please do get in touch. A replacement strip incurring a small charge may be offered to you, if available at the time and at the full discretion of StreamZ Global. If you feel your product does have a defect then please get in touch. 

Yes we supply replacement sleeves to existing customers who have proof-of-purchase from their original order. This is strictly controlled via our support team to help us battle the counterfeit market. 

Protecting and caring for your StreamZ products will help maintain their strength and gripping power, plus extend the life of the product. This is especially true for apparel closures that are left exposed for extended periods of time, or that are subject to repeated machine washing and drying or using hot water. 

Over time, the hook surface of the fastener can pick up lint and other debris that can affect its ability to grip the loop surface. Cleaning debris out of the hooks is similar to cleaning hairbrushes: using a stiff brush or another piece of hook are the best methods. It can take some doing – after all, the hooks in the tape are made to grab! The optimal solution is prevention: the hook portion should be covered at all times, so it does not grab onto anything it should not, such as grass. Always ensure the hook and loop fastening is attached correctly.

We recommend using citrus-based cleaner to remove any remaining adhesive. For thick adhesive you may need some elbow grease to get the residue off. We advise that you spot test any remover before using and always clean off the surface after using any cleaner. Our own team use a metal flea comb to clean the debris.

The StreamZ energy field is consistent and does not dissipate over time; the energy field there for lasts for many years.

Horses who wear the bands 24/7 in all weather conditions will naturally require replacements sooner than horses who are turned in and use the bands a few hours each evening.

The sleeves themselves are an aesthetic product and there for have a lifespan dependant on how they are cared for and maintained.

Warranty on all StreamZ magnetic products is 12 months from the date of purchase, but please note this does not include aesthetic wear-and-tear or damage, or cover how the products have been maintained and cared for.

If you feel there is an issue with the product please get in touch with our team.

StreamZ Global continue to evolve the range using new technologies and materials to improve the product. As such we recommend updating EQU Streamz bands every 2-3 years. Discounts are available to existing customers.

Initial studies showed that two bands (one pair) provided the rebalancing effect that the majority of horses required. It has however been reported to us on several occasions that horses who are severely arthritic have benefitted from wearing 4 bands (two pairs). Wearing four bands (two pairs) certainly does no damage so in cases where your horse is experiencing pain from long term issues such as arthritis then it may be beneficial to wear four bands (two pairs).

DOG StreamZ

DOG StreamZ collars introduce 'Advanced Magnetic Technology' for dogs, containing the UK manufactured StreamZ Technology.

StreamZ magnetism uses a specific range of 360° continuous energy fields which creates no heat around the dogs neck: this is crucial in its effectiveness in providing benefit to the dog.

Many dog owners over the years report relief for their dogs arthritic pain from wearing a traditional magnetic collar. These traditional magnetic products create an increase in heat which helps increase blood flow but can only be used short term and in many cases reducing heat is required, not increasing it! (this can be seen in the thermal imaging study carried out using our horse bands and traditional magnetic boots)

StreamZ unique approach does not create heat, can be worn directly after exercise and when your dog is in recovery. The technology is a long term solution and provides non-invasive 'magnotherapy' for your dog.

StreamZ Advanced Magnetism is just that - advanced!

We currently manufacturer two sizes of collar. Please note that DOG StreamZ advanced magnetic dog collars can be cut-to-size for the perfect fit. Ensure roughly 5cm is left over when cutting the collar down to size.

Our mini/small collars are just 1.2cm wide and are manufactured to 35cm in circumference. These are ideal for small breeds such as terriers.

Our standard size collars are 1.65cm wide and are manufactured to 55cm in circumference. These are ideal for medium to large breeds.

We currently do not manufacturer collars bigger than 55cm, however, we can sometimes produce collars larger than 55cm upon request - contact our team today to see what we can do for you.

DOG StreamZ advanced magnetic dog collars do not have a breakaway feature which are often associated with cat collars.

As with any dog collar or harness, remove the collar in active exercise if you are concerned.

The buckle within the DOG StreamZ collar is made from stainless steel. 

The silicone bands do not have a d-ring attachment and as such do not connect to a lead.

At just 1.2cm and 1.65cm wide they were developed to be worn alongside collars/harnesses used for walking on the lead.

The collars are thin enough to be worn alongside lead suitable dog collars or harnesses.  

We advise against using StreamZ collars alongside traditional magnetic therapy products.

Traditional magnets work by creating a constant pulse; this pulse (the magnetic field) can damage the StreamZ energy field and as such should not be placed over Streamz advanced magnetic products.

There are products on the market which provide thermal regulation via jackets and rugs for dogs, which do not use magnetic technology. These products, such as ceramic blankets, can be worn alongside StreamZ and, in our opinion, compliment each other well.

Yes, they are fully waterproof as they are manufactured using silicone and contain a stainless steel buckle.

Please note, excessive use in salt water or direct sunlight may discolour the silicone. All DOG StreamZ collars are semi-UV protected but are not entirely UV protected, this is due to the chemical used to provide full UV protection being toxic and banned for use in animal products such as collars. 

The life expectancy of each DOG StreamZ collar is between 2 to 3 years, but may be much longer if properly cared for and maintained.

The StreamZ energy field is consistent and does not dissipate; the energy field thus lasts for years. Our inventor used to say “When gravity ends StreamZ will stop working; but you will have far more important things to worry about than your StreamZ band when that happens!”.

The silicone used in the collars are contain non toxic colour pigments and may discolour after prolonged use in direct sunlight but the energy field will not be effected by this. Be wary of cheaper versions.

Warranty and returns on all Streamz products is 12 months from the date of purchase.

StreamZ recommend the use of six fully registered homeopathic remedies for use with animals and alongside the StreamZ bands as a complimentary option. These homeopathic products, supplied in stricter controlled 30c potency pills, provide dog and puppy owners with peace-of-mind that they are the only registered homeopathic remedies registered with the veterinary medicines directorate in the UK. No other manufacturers or products are authorised to supply their range to pets within the UK.

The following products are fully registered and available to buy from StreamZ Global, resellers of the Freemans Homeopathic range consisting of:

Arnica (30c potency) traditionally used for bruises, wounds, osteoarthritis, pain relief, joint pain and swelling, inflammation, muscle soreness and aches and pains.

Aconite 10g tablets (30c potency) traditionally used for heart problems, flus and colds, inflammation, nerve pain, jolt pain, wounds and gout.

Arsen Alb 10g tablets (30c potency) traditionally used for fevers, headaches, swelling, sunstroke, teething, sore throats, earache, premenstrual pains, restlessness diarrohea, stomach upsets asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.

Belladonna 10g tablets (30c potency) traditionally used for digestive issues such as colitis and irritable bowel syndrome, colic, diarrhoea, peptic ulcer, incontinence, headaches and migraines, nation sickness and conditions such as parkinson’s. 

Nux Vom 10g tablets (30c potency) traditionally used for digestive issues such as colitis and liver detoxification, back pain and joint pain.

Rhus Tox 10g tablets (30c potency) traditionally used for providing pain relief and relieving soreness, bruising, stiffness, joint pain, aprons and strains, swelling headache, arthritis, skin rashes, fevers, cold sores and much more. Streamz magnetic complimentary device can be used alongside all the above homeopathy remedies proving a complete holistic approach for your animal.

YOU StreamZ

We recommend that the ankle bands are worn on the left ankle. This is due to our anatomy and how blood leaves the ‘left anterior descending artery’ as it leaves the heart; this is ‘highly oxygenated blood’ and is thought to be more reactive to StreamZ energy fields. Saying that, across thousands of anecdotal reports it would appear that the effects of use are similar when worn on either ankle. 

YOU StreamZ ankle bands have not been designed to wear on the wrist and may seem too bulky if worn there.

The scientific theory behind StreamZ would theorise that the technology works better on the ankle than on the wrist as it sits above the arterial artery which runs down the leg and past the ankle, within a few millimetres of the skin. This artery contains highly oxygenated blood and as oxygen is highly susceptible to magnetic fields the impact is greater when worn here than on the wrist.

Within the next phase of development within our human YOU StreamZ range, a wristband will be launched, to be worn in addition to the YOU StreamZ ankle band, specifically for those looking to benefit their upper body and as a solution to users who require the use of StreamZ throughout the day when wearing an ankle band is not possible.

The wrist bands will be marketed as a 'BOOSTER' product, to be used alongside our existing ankle band design.

Only ever wash the bands using cold water. Avoid using hot water or placing in a machine on any setting other than a hand wash (cold) setting. Failure to do so may result in the failure of the fastening hooks.

No, not since the UK left the European Union in 2020.

The device was initially registered as a CE CLASS 1 medical device under direction 93/42/EEC prior to leaving the EU, but due to changes in regulations devices such as ours are no longer classified as medical devices within the UK. Only devices containing published clinical data can be classified as medical devices.

YOU StreamZ ankle bands make no claim that the product is a medical device or that they can be used for any medical purpose. 

If you can, try to wear the magnetic ankle band continuously for at least the first few weeks as you are most likely to then experience the speediest results. As a minimum, you should wear it for 8 hours a day for the first six weeks, and this, of course, could be overnight when our bodies are in ‘recovery mode’.

Optimum effects should be experienced within 20 days, although effects on certain ailments have been found within a few hours and in some longer term degenerative issues can take up to 3-4 weeks.

Many YOU StreamZ converts wear their bands all the time, and wouldn’t be without them! If you are wearing the ankle band for health reasons we’d strongly suggest wearing it for as long as possible. If you are wearing it for recovery after exercise then we’d suggest wearing it for 8 hours minimum after the exercise and when sleeping. (All StreamZ products work best when ‘in recovery mode’)

Only ever wash the bands using cold water. Using hot water or placing in a machine may damage the hooks on the fastening material.

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